Editorial Policy

The Fredericton Arts Alliance is committed, through its weekly electronic publication of the ARTSnews and in other venues, to providing as much information about artistic activities in the Greater Fredericton area as possible. We accept (and seek out) announcements of artistic events occurring in the area. Both "artistic" and "the area" are defined broadly: we prefer to err on the side of inclusion.

It is, however, our belief that subscribers to the ARTSnews are looking for information regarding imminent artistic events, and so we do not publish text intended to support or publicize continuing institutions except as necessary to identify venues for events.

Any individual or organization may submit notices to the ARTSnews in keeping with the following editorial guidelines:

  1. There is no cost to receive the ARTSnews. Individuals and organizations submitting notices are asked to take out a paid membership to the Fredericton Arts Alliance to support the continuation of the ARTSnews. Exceptions can be made when this causes undue financial hardship;
  2. The ARTSnews is produced and distributed weekly. Notices are to be submitted by each Monday prior to Thursday’s issue. There is no guarantee that late notices will be included;
  3. Events advertised must take place within the Greater Fredericton region. Notices from outlying areas may be included if they feature a Fredericton artist;
  4. Notices and articles must feature a cultural and/or artistic component; advertisements and notices of a primarily commercial or retail nature cannot be published unless they focus on cultural or artistic events;
  5. Notices must be submitted electronically to;
  6. Notices should be no more than 250 words in length. Previews and reviews are exempt from this clause;
  7. Notices can be included for two issues of the ARTSnews. These can be two consecutive weeks or spaced out as desired by the submitting individual or organization;
  8. Graphics and logos will not normally be included;
  9. On occasion, the Fredericton Arts Alliance publishes an ARTSnews Special which highlights a special event. Normally, this service is reserved for the Fredericton Arts Alliance;
  10. The FAA reserves the right to edit all submissions for length and content.
In order to help us represent your notice as accurately as possible, please include the following information in your submission:

Name of organization if applicable
Contact name and phone number and e-mail
Date of issue(s) you wish to have your notice included in.

[Adopted by the FAA Board 17 January 2007]

For more information please contact the editor, Bridget Spence, at